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Pro Painting LLC

 Our Services Include:

House Painting

Interior Painting and Exterior Painting / Staining

Residential and Commercial Painting / Staining

Log Cabin/ Mountain Homes

​Wood Work/ Repair

Deck Refinishing

Clear Coating and Concrete Staining

Cabinet Refinishing

Dry Wall Repair/ Texture Coating

Ceiling Textures

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings / 2 Part Epoxy / Sanding

Power Washing

We guarantee a professional job every time.

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 At Pro Painting, we offer a complete service as painting contractors. We never leave a mess, or unfinished work. You can count on us for:


Sales Consultations and 1 Hour FREE Color Consultations. Pro Painting will dedicate our time to meet with you and find out what your needs are and come to an agreement on price and expectations before any work is scheduled.


Estimate- At your convenience we will come to your home and visit with you for about 30-60 minutes and figure out what your painting needs are. We usually give you your written estimate right there on the spot that same day. It is here that we will inspect the house for areas of concern which may need further attention such as woodwork repair or replacement. Our rate for woodwork is $40.00 per hour plus materials, performed by an Architectural Engineer from the University of Colorado.

Choosing Color/ HOA Assitance- Once we have agreed upon the terms and conditions of the proposed estimate and signed off on the work authorization Pro Painting will spend 1 hour with you if needed for no charge to help you choose that perfect color scheme. We will also supply up to 3 sample quarts for your home. Additional samples are $10.00 each and will be added to the final contract price. Sherwin Williams Paint also offers decorating services which can aid in the help of you choosing that perfect color combination. If you live in an HOA we are more than willing to obtain and fill out the proposed color scheme form for your area.

Power Wash-
The power wash will take place 1-30 days prior to the scheduled production date. NO WORK will start before the house has a dry time of at least 2 days. The purpose of the power wash is to remove dirt, dust, grime, and spider webs which will allow for a clean surface for the painters to start prep work on. There may be some areas that don't come completely clean with the power wash so these areas will be addressed by the painters during the preparation.

Preparation- All furniture, deck items, floors, and landscaping are covered with drop cloths and plastic. Fixtures such as lights, numbers, hanging plants, ect.... will be removed and replaced after painting is completed. %100 of loose and failing paint will be removed. Bare wood, stained areas, and metal surfaces will be primed. All nail holes will be filled with caulking. Loose nails will be removed and replaced. All wood to wood joints and seams will be caulked. Any holes or cracks will be filled. Windows are caulked to the trim, and the trim is caulked to the body. Literally I promise no holes and no cracks that way there is no way of water getting behind the paint and peeling it off the house. Windows, bricks, roofing sections, and walkways will be covered with plastic and drop cloths to keep spills on our stuff and not yours.
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Painting- This includes meticulous priming before applying Sherwin Williams Quality Paint Products.
The application of the
body of the house will be applied with an airless paint sprayer. 4 year warranty: we will spray one coat of paint vertically and also one coat of paint horizontally essentially two coats of paint applied wet on wet. 7 year warranty: we spray the wet on wet 4 year application then wait until the next day and spray an additional wet on wet one vertical and one horizontal coat of paint on top of our 4 year warranty. The trim work will most always be done with a brush and roller and is applied with as many coats as it takes to achieve a full coverage state. Roughly applying 3 mills of paint per wet coat which will end up drying to about 1 mill, with an additional top coat included on the trim with the 7 year warranty.
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Cleaning and Restoration-
The house is returned to its prior state or even better. This includes the moving of furniture, replacing fixtures, and picking up after ourselves. Tape is removed, paint chips, plastic and paper pieces are found, picked up, and disposed of. All debris is removed. We will take our trash with us so you don't have to worry about your trash can being filled up.

Communication- Keeping an open line of communication during the project allows us to give status updates and completion dates. I.E. Cell phone, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and of course face to face.

Inspection- Post-painting inspection of the work with your project manager... Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Inspection of our work will be done by our Pro Painters before we consider the job complete. Then when we feel %100 confident with your home we will have you inspect the home with us while we have wet brushes, ladders, and the crew on site. Then upon your approval we will consider the job completed and sign the final contract line and conduct the form of payment with either check or cash.

-We not only promise to deliver beautiful results; we promise a pleasurable experience. We handle everything from prep to clean up. 
​And yes, we do leave the site absolutely clean.

-We are insured.

​-All of our painters are hand picked and must pass a background check.

Pro Painting LLC

8327 S Zephyr St

Littleton, COlorado 80128